Artificial Intelligence Built for the Real World

ABEJA delivers a comprehensive suite of services and tools to organizations that want to leverage data and machine learning capabilities for business value. With a specialization in Image Recognition, ABEJA helps enterprises harness the potential of visual data to achieve breakthrough innovation and gain strength in the market.
Inspired and effective AI deployment

With our multidisciplinary approach and talent, we allow business to break through barriers and create true AI transformations. Working side by side to highly skilled teams, we put great emphasis on expanding and retaining the organizational know-how.

AI-ready infrastructure

We partner experts of various domains including Amazon, Google, and Nvidia to create an effective AI infrastructure. To ensure solution-business fit, we work vigorously with our partners to refine these solutions.

Ethical Approach to AI

Making AI more accessible and safe for the world is important to us. That’s why, we have established an ethics board to ensure we help implement innovative solutions for the greater good.


Some of our clients

Find out how A.I can work for your industry

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Let our data experts unravel insights from your data that can help you make better business decisions, operationalize analytics and address increasing customer needs. With the help of our proprietary tools, ABEJA experts can help you create future growth and unlock greater value from third-party and enterprise data whether internal, external, structured or unstructured.


Why partner ABEJA?

Technical Solutions For Your Business Needs

ABEJA builds custom solutions that deliver financial and operational advantages to our clients.  We understand that AI can be tricky to deploy for business that aren’t inherently digital. Our top-notch specialists will work with you to derive the most value out of your supply chain and offer advice on how to build connections between systems so that your organization can realize the business value of machine learning.  

Build high performance teams

Pattern-recognition algorithms are a small part of AI implementation. The best way to enable swift discovery and deeper insights is to share data tools, impart data skills, and spread data responsibility. Our team of experts will share their knowledge and help your employees understand the value of data and how it can improve work outcomes.

Start or Integrate Easily

Using the insights gathered from more than 100 cases of corporate AI implementations, the ABEJA platform is designed to help companies identify ways to increase efficiency and identify opportunities to generate new business.

It is one of the most comprehensive tools for:

  • managing datasets

  • annotating images

  •  training models

  • deploying models in production from the same source

Integrate your in-house machine learning pipeline or start from scratch. 

Realize Rapid Results

To empower our clients to emerge as leaders in their field, ABEJA employs a build-measure-learn feedback loop to ensure our clients reap value of AI.  For us, prototyping a solution and iterating until reaching the key metric is at the heart of any successful AI project.

Be Future Ready

Disruption is a business reality that many leaders grapple with. ABEJA advocates interdisciplinary collaboration. We will align your company's culture and structure to support broad AI adoption. Our goal is to empower our clients to build a smart enterprise that's self-sufficient and sustainable


ABEJA Singapore Pte. Ltd  provides AI solutions to enterprises across the region. Backed by tech titans including Google, Nvidia, and Salesforce, ABEJA established its operations in Singapore in April 2017. 

Since its inception, ABEJA has helped deploy over 200 machine learning projects that extend across different industries. Our retail solution has a presence in over 530 stores within Japan alone. 

With a vision to change the world through innovation, and a heart to embrace the spirit of technopreneurship, we aim to help your businesses make effective contributions to society, and gain strength in the market.


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